Frequently Asked Questions
What is Chorus?
Chorus is the first YAML editor that aims at providing a pleasant experience while quickly and easily configuring the plugins your Minecraft server needs, thanks to an endless amount of features.
How can I connect to my remote host?
In order to configure your remote server, head to settings and, in either SFTP or FTP, follow the instructions given. After you have configured your server, access to the server from File > Open from SFTP/FTP. You can configure how many servers you want.
Can I create custom add-ons?
Yes, since version 1.3 Chorus supports custom JavaScript add-ons via a very simple API. If you are interested, see here.
Can I create custom themes?
Yes, Chorus does support custom themes. If you want to create your own, see this.
How can I open .YML files with Chorus by default on Windows?
Right click on any .YML file, select Open with > Choose another app. Mark 'Always use this app to open .yml files' and select Chorus. If it doesn't appear, click 'More apps' and select Chorus' .exe file after clicking 'Look for another app on this PC'
Why does my antivirus mark Chorus as a threat?
Chorus will not harm your PC in any way. The whole source code is online and you can check it yourself.
This alert is a thing since I can't currently afford a digital signature, so antiviruses will tell you the program you are about to use comes from an unverified source.
How can I join the Donators list?
By donating any amount to the developer through PayPal your name or nickname will be added to a list that everyone can see.